Game Controls

Move - [W][A][S][D] or Arrow Keys
Shoot - [LMB]
Jump - [Space]
Melee Attack - [E]
Throw Grenade - [F]
Aim - [Left Shift] / [RMB]
Turn Cards - (Hold) [B]
Dance - [H]

Venge IO

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About Venge IO is an absolutely new and interesting online shooting game which is now available for everyone at our website. It is a multiplayer online game and this means that you will play against real players all around the world. The game has a pretty good gameplay and nice graphics which makes it rather addictive. In this game you have to control a very badass girl who will destroy enemies using different weapons and grenades.

At the beginning of the game you will be offered to register a free account or play as a guest. As for me, it is better to register an account and store your gaming progress there so next time you want to play the game, you won't start unlocking items from the beginning and this will save you a lot of time.

As soon as you register an account you can enter the server. Every map in this game has maximum number of players - for example some maps are limiting number of players to 4 so that can be the maximum number of players. When you start the match, the game will give you tips how to win - for example the best way to get high score is to kill enemies or capture the flags. Your enemies will try to kill you as well so be careful. When you die, you will have several seconds to choose your weapon - there are 4 different weapons including Sniper Rifle. In addition to those weapons you can use secondary weapons such as grenades or hammer. has a great system of upgrades and unlockables. They are called here Cards and every time you do something outstanding, for example kill enemy with grenade, you are given cards. If you have enough cards, you can unlock special perk to get additional skills - for example reduce the countdown of the grenade, or bling your enemy for some time or others. It is much more interesting to unlock them on your own and choose which one fits your gaming skills. Check out the game controls above and enjoy the full version of the Venge Io for free at our website.