1v1 LOL

Game Controls

[LMB] to shoot/build
[W][A][S][D] to move
[Space] to jump
[Z], [X], [C], [V], or [Y] -building platforms
[F], [1], or [2] to switch weapons
[G] to make door on platforms

About 1v1 LoL

1v1 LoL is one of those games that keep constantly upgrading and bringing the new features to us. It is one of the best multiplayer shooting games that I have ever played with a variety of different game modes, interesting gameplay and awesome weapons. So, as the name suggests, the game is about a battle of two players but in fact the game offers an extended multiplayer modes where you can play 2vs2,4vs4 and even battle royale mode. In each mode of the game you have a single mission - kill your enemy.

1v1 Lol is a game with awesome graphics - you will hardly ever find an online shooting game with such a brilliant graphics. The gameplay is very smooth and simple - you can choose how to fight with your enemy - build different platforms and building to use them as a defence or attack him from the very first moment of the game. For newbie players, it is sometimes difficult to build platform and at the same time use weapon or keep an eye on the enemy. It is better that you have some practice in the building simulator which is called JustBuild Lol. There you can manage how to build different platforms fast.

The variety of weapons in 1v1 lol is not so big but its enough to find something suitable. For example, you can use the sniper rifle to kill enemies at long-range battles, or you can use automatic rifles for a close battles. The power of each weapon is different so you must try them all to find the one which is better for you. You can also use the weapons to destroy the platforms built by your enemies. The most awesome thing about this game is that the developers are constantly adding new stuff to the game and you can enjoy them absolutely free at our website because we always have the latest version of the game available.

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