Fly Or Die

Game Controls

[W][A][S][D] to move around
[Left click] to fly
Eat items and animals outlined in green
Avoid animals with a red outline

About Fly Or Die Game

Games like Fly Or Die are very popular today because they have a big tree of upgrades and this makes it very addictive for the players when they don't know which creature they will get when they level-up or what abilities it will have. So, today you can enjoy the full version of Fly Or Die game for free at our website and I will try to give you a small guide to make you better understand you the meaning of the game.

Fly or Die is a multiplayer game which is based on the main rule of every creature - evolution. Believe me, evolution is the main power of every success and every life so I think that's pretty interesting that the developers used is as a main theme of the game. At the beginning of the game you start as a small fly which have to fight for the life and there is only one option for you - you have to fly and hide. As you might know, animals and insects eat different food - for example there are raptors who eat other small animals while some animals eat grass or fruit. So, when you start playing the game, you are on the first step of the evolution and bigger players will try to eat you.

As soon as you get enough food, you can upgrade your character and turn into something bigger. For instance, there are only several steps of level-ups from changing you from fly into a pigeon. Each creature in this game eats different food - sometimes it is rather difficult to find the food if the server is full of players but you can try searching in different locations as the map is rather big. Another important thing that you must keep in mind is the water balance. Keep an eye on the water bar and if it becomes low you must drink some water.
Fly Or Die is a multiplayer game where people all around the world play together. The more players are online - the more opportunities to upgrade to higher levels as there is plenty of food. Hope you enjoy the original edition of the Fly Or Die game at our website.

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