Gunblood Remastered

Game Controls

*New Version Of Gunblood*
Use your mouse to aim
Press left mouse button to shoot.

About Gunblood Game

Games like Gunblood have always been on my list of most addictive and interesting games and even today, after so many years from the first release of the game, I still love playing this game. For those who have never played this game before, I will tell a few words about the gameplay, characters and other options of the game.

The theme of the game is made in western-styled characters where you can try to become a gunslinger in the wild west. Your main mission is to survive in the duel with your enemy and prove everyone that you are the fastest shooter in the whole wild west. At the beginning of the game you have to choose the character - even though that there are more than 15 different characters, they differ from each other by their look. There are no difference in skills or accuracy between characters so you can just choose the one you love.

Every level of Gunblood is a duel between you and your opponent and the winner is only one. You have to take the gun on time and make a shot to kill your enemy before he kills you. The basic intructions are - move the mouse pointer to the chamber of the gun and wait for the numbers to appear on the screen. When the timer goes off, you can take the gun and make a shot. Keep in mind that the game will test your reaction skills so try to act quickly. If you manage to kill the enemy, you can challenge a new opponent, if not - you start from the beginning.

The skills of your enemies in Gunblood game are changing as you progress. Your enemies become more and more fast and the last one is almost impossible to kill. You will need a lot of practice to overcome the enemies and a bit of luck. Keep in mind that in Gunblood you have limited number of bullets - if you use them all in one duel, you just can't make a shot. If both players are lack of bullets but still alive, the game is draw and the duel will start from the beginning. Enjoy the original edition of the Gunblood game for free.

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