Paper Minecraft

Game Controls

[A][D] or left and right arrow - move
[W] or [up] arrow - jump
[Left click] - dig or place block
[E] - open inventory or chest
[F] - eat and hold item
[Space] - split an item from stack

About Paper Minecraft

Paper Minecraft is a small online game which was created for the fans of the original minecraft game and also for those who don't want to download and install minecraft on their computers and want just to try it. As you might know, the popularity of Minecraft is growing for the last several years and today it is a huge community of devoted gamers who enjoy the game every day. Today, you can try the Paper Minecraft at this page and I will tell you some useful information about it.

The game has a 2D graphics which may seem a bit outdated but believe me, you won't notice this because the game is pretty addictive and interesting. At the beginning of the game, you can choose the game mode, change skins and choose some other options. Paper Minecraft has several game modes : Survival,Peaceful and Creative. All those game modes differ from eath other and I am sure you will find more information about them by yourself. The game also gives you opportunity to choose the world type - Default or Flat.

When you are done choosing the game modes and skins, you can start playing. Like the original game, here you can use different items from your inventory, craft some new items and fight with enemies. You can also build some structures to secure the territory. Paper Minecraft is just a simple game but it gives a lot of emotions for you if you love minecraft. Enjoy the game for free at our website.

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