Starblast io

Game Controls

[Arrows] to drive
[LMB] to shoot
Shoot asteroids and enemies to collect crystals
Upgrade your ship with these crystals.

About Starblast Io

Starblast Io is one of those strategy games which are not so popular among big number of players but are truly interesting and addictive for those who love such types of games. The game has a multiplayer mode where you can play against real people all around the world but it also offers you a match vs AI to get some practice before entering the server and playing with real people.

The game is about space. You play as a galactic conquerer who can conquer the new planets and make them work for you. Every planet has a different power - some of them just generate your troops faster while other can give you opportunity to use the giant Cannon and even EMI to turn off the whole electronics of the enemy for limited time.

The main mission of the player is to conquer as many planets as possible but there are some rules which you must follow. For example, if the planet is already taken by your enemy, you should send a bigger army to conquer it. In other case, your soldiers will just die while the planet will still remain under his control. The best strategy is to conquer planets when they are abandoned so here you must act very fast. Keep in mind that you can't conquer all planets with one army - you need to split the army into several parts to make it defend your planets and also grow up. There are a lot of different options that you will definitely enjoy in the game so just have fun with us.

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